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I’m back.

My website’s been neglected for a while now, as I’ve spent the bulk of my blogging-time blogging for the now defunct [untitled] website (just the website is defunct, mind you, and not the anthology itself), and the Busybird Publishing website, (into which the [untitled] website was incorporated).  You can find some of my blogs there, usually dealing with matters of editing, submitting, publishing, and writing – all drawn from my own experiences.

You can also find some of my work – pretty much my insanely frustrated rantings – on Back Page Lead, usually dealing with Collingwood or the stupidity of the AFL.  It’s a bit quiet at the moment given it’s the off-season, but they should have some of my stuff archived.  And there’ll be new stuff (no doubt) as the season unfolds.  I try not to get upset, but the AFL always does it to me.  It’s an inevitability.

In any case, I plan to post some of my stories (which have been published elsewhere), as well as some new blogs, as well as (hopefully) a serial (if I can ever get it working right in my head).  Also, if I can ever find something appropriate (in regards to a theme), I’m going to give the website a facelift.

Anyway, starting tomorrow, my first story to be (re)posted, ‘My Brother Malcolm’.

Until then …

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