As one of the founders of Lemato Films, Les has worked on some exciting projects.

The Other Side of Paradise (2021)

When Ray tries to escape a life of violence and murder, he must deal with a reckoning for his crimes. But even his old associates cannot deal with the purgatory they’ve created.

Starring: Tony Nicholas, Emily H. Riley, Jason Deane, Faraz Matin, and Engelbert Sebastian.

The Abnorms (2020)

A world shrouded in fear. Paranoia runs rampant. Voices scream in confusion. There are the stories that the Governments push for public consumption. There are the conspiracies shouted as distraction. There are narratives that hide what’s real. The truth is not what you think.

Starring: Vicky Wanless, Maria Tevelis, Tony Nicholas, Seth Kannof, Ben-Thomas Murphy, and Tom Vogel.

Little Diva Rising (2019)

A documentary team follow ten-year-old actor, Ellie Angelos, who has inexplicably become the star in the hit adult drama “Keeping It Together.”

As Ellie’s fame grows, so does her ego. Her mother Maria struggles to keep her grounded, as Ellie’s behaviour threatens to unravel her family, begging the question, “When you’ve got success, who needs family?”

Starring: Maria Tevelis, Cam Faull, Ellie Tevelis, Charlie Tevelis, Steve Sammut, Seth Kannof, Ana Isabel, Candice Leask, Maryanne Niceforo, Ben-Thomas Murphy, Joel Angus King, Andrea Solonge, Vicky Wanless, Rommel Daroya, and Tony Nicholas.