Les Zig is an accomplished novelist, screenwriter, and editor (specialising in structural editing), with over thirty years experience.

As a novelist, he’s had three novels published; as a screenwriter, he’s had three screenplays optioned, and had other unproduced screenplays place and shortlist in awards; and he also works as the publications manager and chief editor for Busybird Publishing.

A witty and charismatic speaker who has run numerous writing and editing workshops, appeared at writers’ festivals, edited dozens of books, and previously spoke for Beyond Blue and SANE Australia, Les can speak about various things, including:

    • his journey as an author, and the frustrations he’s had to overcome to get published
    • the publishing industry, the various pitfalls, and the ever-changing landscape
    • every facet of writing imaginable, from the inception of an idea to writing it out to submitting
    • the differences in writing prose and screenplays
    • editing and what it entails, and how prospective editors should approach an edit
    • revision in writing – especially in how a writer revises their work
    • anxiety, depression and OCD.

Contact Les if you’d like to engage him to speak.