• Ruminations

    The End of the World as We Know It

    Here is what life became in the aftermath: an external brace was fitted to my leg to hold the bones in place until the swelling had diminished enough for surgery. The brace was an odd metal contraption which sat on top of the leg with what looked like drill-bits going through my leg and into the bones. I wore this for ten days. seated in a bed for ten days, with my foot up (to help reduce swelling), unable to move. When I was given crutches, it was just to go to the bathroom. Otherwise, stuck in the same position – not just bed, but the same position. an injection…

  • Ruminations

    Them’s the Breaks.

    Thursday night, 30th June, I was meant to go to the launch of Koraly Dimitriadis’s chap book, Love and Fuck Poems, with my work-partner and friend Blaise van Hecke. In the ten days preceding that night, we were definite to go. Most days we’d check if we were still good to go, and we were. But come that Thursday, we were both drained from our respective jobs, and begrudgingly decided to give it a miss. With that out of the way, I decided to have a walk that evening. I have an exercise regime which alternates swimming, punching bag, a really long walk, a shorter walk, and occasional cycling. On…

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