Little Diva Rising

The Plot
Ellie Angelos is a talented nine-year-old actress who initially plays a supporting role on the adult hit drama Keeping it Together.

Inexplicably, Ellie’s character becomes the most popular character on the show, and the scripts are rewritten to exploit her popularity. The newfound success begins to go to Ellie’s head.

Her forty-something mother, Maria, recognises the dangers early, and battles to keep Ellie grounded, and their small family together.

This is when a documentary team decide to make a documentary series about Ellie, charting the trappings of child stardom.

Alternating between straight narrative and documentary-like interviews, Little Diva Rising is a mockumentary satire about success, family, and the darker desires in life.


The Concept
Little Diva Rising is intended to be a six-part limited series, each episode approximately half-an-hour long.

We’ve shot the pilot, and are now pursuing avenues for funding to eventually film the rest.


The Festival Circuit
Couch Film Festival — Spring 2020 Edition
30:01 to 60:00 Minutes
Best Writer — Les Zig

Best Long Short Film
Best Director — Les Zig
Best Cast