• The Story Behind the Book

    Just Another Week in Suburbia: The Inception

    I thought I’d look a little at the creative process behind my books. Back in 2012, with several unpublished manuscripts behind me, I decided to write a novel that would be THE ONE, as in the one that sold. Not that I could make that determination. Arts are so subjective that you’re always at the whim of taste. But I decided that up to that point, my writing had been … too safe. In any of the arts, you’re often working through a filter, worried what people will think of your work. It’s not the anonymous reader that’s a concern. It’s the people you know – friends, and family. What…

  • Life of the Mind

    An Exploration of August Falling

    I’ve had one novella published, and there’s maybe fifteen unpublished manuscripts that sit on my computer in various states – from, This has potential, to I should revise this one day, to This should never see light again. One of my favourites is my most recent published novel: August Falling (Pantera Press 2018). I read a romantic comedy/relationship novel about six years ago. The writing was good. The voice was excellent. The story engaged me immediately. Then it proceeded to enrage me. It was a just happens to story. That means nothing was earned. No reaction was a result of somebody’s action. Things just happened because they needed to in…

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