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    My Top 10 Meh Movies from 2019

    What makes a meh movie? Well, for one, there has to be some expectation behind it. Nobody cares if some low-budget indie turns out to be middling fair, but a big-budgeted movie with a top cast, known director, and studio backing? Or a movie with lots of anticipation behind it? It has to be a movie you walk away from that didn’t entertain you but didn’t offend you, a movie – in all likelihood – that you’ll struggle to recollect in a couple of days. It won’t leave you with an urge to re-watch, or to rant at people about how bad it is, but neither will you talk positively…

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    Superman vs Man of Steel

    Let me whine some more about today’s movies. Firstly, a qualifier: there are still good movies coming out. I think A Star is Born (2018) is great. The Mission Impossible (1996) movies are always, at the worst, very good movies (III (2006), IV (2011), and V (2015) are excellent – II (2000) is the only stinker). I love Ron Howard’s Rush (2013), and lesser-known In the Heart of the Sea (2015). Edge of Tomorrow (2014) is an awesome and clever blockbuster. Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2018) is compelling, Boy Erased (2018) is powerful and heartbreaking, and recently I saw Stan & Ollie (2018), which is fantastic (both Steve Coogan…

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