• Life of the Mind

    Through the Waterfall

    I grew up a fantasy nerd. I read The Hobbit when I was 11. Then I moved onto The Lord of the Rings. I read historical fantasy, such as The Scarlet Pimpernel, Ivanhoe, and various incarnations of Robin Hood. Then it was high fantasy, such as The Belgariad and The…

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  • One Terrific Lie

    Revision and Genre

    My WIP has long been neglected. It was never my intention. Usually, when I finish anything ā€“ be it short story, novel, or screenplay ā€“ I launch straight into revision, and keep revising (reading it over and over) until I can get nothing more out of it. Then I give…

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  • The Other Me

    The Other Me

    ‘Falling’ iii. I always wanted to tell stories. As a kid, my imagination never stopped ticking. It drove stories early in primary school into accounts unrecognisable from the truth, and pushed them towards grandiosity when I got into the later grades. In high school, Iā€™d handwrite epics ā€“ fifty or…

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