• Sleeping Wide Awake


    I lost my best friend early last year. Because of lockdowns, retrenchment, and a jealous ex (although not an ex at the time) we didn’t get to hang out as much in the last few years. When she died, there was this immediate regret about all these missed opportunities, and guilt over choices I made that contributed to that. I’ve lost other people before – one of my earliest memories is my grandfather’s funeral, and kissing his cold cheek at the open-coffin ceremony. I would’ve only been three or four. Some time later, I recall my grandmother, dressed all in black, draped over his grave at the funeral, sobbing uncontrollably,…

  • Books


    Title: Prudence Publisher: ECG Press Publication Date: 14 February 2023 Category: Psychosexual Noir Paperback: (198.4 x 128.5 mm, 422 pages) ISBN Print: 978-0-6454853-4-9 Ebook: 978-0-6454853-5-6   A prestigious nightclub. An aging hostess battling to retain her marquee. A beautiful and enigmatic woman with unparalleled ambition. A noble widower searching for love. Two irreverent barflies who may not be what they seem. Three couples whose relationships will be tested until they question everything they know. A jaded stripper trying to find her self-respect. A modest twenty-something man gambling on a shortcut to fortune. And a mysterious old man who will reach into their hearts and twist and pervert everything they hold…

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