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    Title: This Publisher: MidnightSun Publishing Publication Date: 1 August 2023 Category: Young Adult Paperback: (129 x 198mm) ISBN Print: 978-1-9228581-4-6 Ebook: 978-1-9228581-5-3 I don’t get this. I don’t have anything to worry about. I’m fifteen! And in Year 10! I should be thinking about the way Samantha keeps looking at me, nursing that crush she’s had on me since primary school. Or about Gabriella, who’s so cool and seems interested. Or the Boland Fellowship, an award given out for academic excellence that everybody thinks I could win. Or about my best friend Ash, and the way he’s sullen about his arguing parents, or our friend Riley, who’s becoming a bigger…

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    Title: Prudence Publisher: ECG Press Publication Date: 14 February 2023 Category: Psychosexual Noir Paperback: (198.4 x 128.5 mm, 422 pages) ISBN Print: 978-0-6454853-4-9 Ebook: 978-0-6454853-5-6   A prestigious nightclub. An aging hostess battling to retain her marquee. A beautiful and enigmatic woman with unparalleled ambition. A noble widower searching for love. Two irreverent barflies who may not be what they seem. Three couples whose relationships will be tested until they question everything they know. A jaded stripper trying to find her self-respect. A modest twenty-something man gambling on a shortcut to fortune. And a mysterious old man who will reach into their hearts and twist and pervert everything they hold…

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