• Prudence

    Prudence: Chapter 2a

    2. Every dream is inherent with opportunity, a choice to turn left or to turn right. More than that, every choice is inherent with its own requirements. Some are accepted unthinkingly. Others are considered. And others leave the chooser in a quandary. That’s the thing with dreams: you never know…

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  • Little Diva Rising

    Prudence: Chapter 1

    1. Everywhere I look, there are stories. I see them in the faces of the people who are queued at the entrance, chatting excitedly, or huddling against the cold. They are predominantly twenty-something and thirty-something wide-eyed tourists, hopeful that on this night, they will be deemed worthy. Scattered among them…

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  • Life of the Mind

    A New Old Novel – “Prudence”

    After finishing and revising the early drafts of Just Another Week in Suburbia in 2012, I started thinking about what I should write next. Like most writers, I always have ideas. Often, the query is if those ideas are ready to be written. Sometimes, they need to gestate. Then they…

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