• Little Diva Rising

    An Introduction to Little Diva Rising

    Life has been busy lately with all sorts of things happening. I’ve tried to keep writing throughout, tried to find pockets of time to work in. Lately, I’ve been juggling a bit more, because I’ve been submitting to various screenwriting comps, and deadlines have been pressing. Then, depending on the screenplay, I’ll give it another once-over – if I can. One screenplay I hoped to prepare – one of my favourites – became the subject of an exhaustive revision. I didn’t expect that. But a prior competition had offered feedback, and some of it had opened new possibilities. Once I got stuck into those possibilities, well, the revision became largely…

  • Life of the Mind

    A Little Writing Housekeeping

    Throughout my life as a writer I’ve alternated my focus between prose and screenwriting. Both share some similar precepts (structure, plotting, character arcs, etc.), but also have differences that delineate them as different beasts. Just because you have experience in one doesn’t mean you’ll be able to execute the other. I had this conversation with somebody on Twitter recently: books are a cerebral journey, while screenwriting is a visual journey. In a book, we can sit inside a character’s head and explore what they’re thinking, how they’re feeling, and things (such as circumstances, events, and memories) that shape their decision-making. In a film, you can’t sit inside somebody’s head (unless…

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