• One Terrific Lie


    When I work on a book, I’ll also work on something else simultaneously. It won’t be another new book – it’s hard enough keeping track of all the characters, threads, and ideas for one prospective novel, let alone two. I’m always surprised when people say they’re working on two (or more) novels simultaneously. (I don’t count swapping back and forth between projects but never finishing anything.) The closest I’ll get to working on more than one novel is if I also revise another, but only as long as it’s more so a copyedit revision, rather than a structural edit revision that might require some rewriting. As far as the copyedit…

  • The Other Me

    The Other Me

    ‘Life’s Short Interruption: Part I’ iv. I finished the screenplay for the director, Mike, and pissed him off by ignoring his instructions – not completely, but enough. He wanted a biker flick set to a certain mould. I started with the mould, but somewhere along the way broke it, thinking he’d love whatever I wrote. When he didn’t, I rewrote it free of charge. He’d liked that version better, but had now moved onto other projects. It was my first lesson in writing for other people – give them what they want, not what you think will win them over. Most importantly, don’t ever believe you’re so brilliant that you…

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