• Sleeping Wide Awake


    This started with a voice. The threat of voices have long threatened my adult life. Going through my cluster of panic attacks and anxiety as an 18-year-old, I regularly saw a psychiatrist at a public hospital. One particularly horrible day, he told me I was heading for a nervous breakdown. Mental hospitals are full of authors who lost the ability to distinguish fiction from reality, he told me. Among other things, he asked if I’d heard voices. I told him I hadn’t but, terrified, asked him what I should do if I did. He told me not to listen to them. Around the same time, I had a friend who…

  • The Other Me

    The Other Me

    ‘The Good Doctor’ iv. I struggled to get to sleep, worried voices would speak to me – since Dr Victor had put the question to me, I had to be close to this being possible. Surely, it was as simple as being balanced on a fine line: Sanity | Insanity Just the gentlest nudge, and I’d be over. People who heard voices were crazy. That’s the way they’re depicted in media, unless they’re Joan of Arc or something. But they burned her. Everybody else who heard voices ended up in institutions, doped up and lost to reality. Whatever the case, no good could come from hearing voices. Now, I questioned…

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