• Sleeping Wide Awake


    Most days, I’ll walk to work, which takes about twenty-five minutes. I’ll follow a roundabout route home to add another ten or fifteen minutes to the walk. Being unable to run and limited with what I can do due to the damage to my right leg, walking’s one of the few things I can do as exercise. It also helps to spend some physical energy. Getting to sleep is never easy, but it’s always harder on days I don’t walk. Like many writers, I’m a tea-drinker. The schedule at work is regimented: it’ll usually be three throughout the workday (two in the morning, and one in the afternoon). Once I…

  • Little Diva Rising

    Making a Family

    Only one day of filming this weekend, as I was at the Words in Winter Writers Festival in Daylesford on Sunday conducting a workshop on character. On Saturday, we filmed a number of the scenes between the two central characters, Vic (Cam Faull) and Maria (Maria Tevelis). I’ll start with Maria, who’s also a producer on Little Diva Rising, and a lot of the driving force behind the production. When Tony asked me to write him a feature screenplay some years ago, he asked me to write parts for actor-friends. This is who Tony is – he is always looking out for and trying to help others. It didn’t make…

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