The Other Me

The Other Me

‘OCD Toasties’

OCD can affect you in funny ways.

One way it affected me was when I’d make ham and cheese toasties, or cheese toasties, in the sandwich maker, and the cheese would spill out all over the place. It’s not so much an issue now because sandwich makers have a teflon surface and are easy to clean. But years ago, it took a bit of work to clean cheese from the plates. And it’s not neat. And it’s disorderly. And it doesn’t have to be.

So I found another way of making them which, now in retrospect, realise may have been the OCD at work …

Start with whatever bread you use. Due to my dietary issues, I use Organic Spelt (obtained from Go Vita at Greensborough Plaza).

Importantly, flip every other slice before you butter the bread, so that each slice mirrors the other.

In this case, look at the top two slices: the bulbous curl in the corner is on the left on the left slice, but on the right in the right slice.

This means when you’ve buttered the bread and slap it together, all the edges meet.

 01 Toasties - Bread
Butter your bread.

If anybody is curious, I use Nuttlex Lite. (Another choice made due to dietary issues. It tastes no different to your standard margarine.)

02 Toasties - Bread Buttered
Take your ham and lay it out. You may want to use several slices if it’s thin ham, (as was this ham I’d chosen). 03 Toasties - Ham
Cut the ham into quarters. 04 Toasties - Ham Quartered
Take your cheese.

This is going to be a little trickier …

05 Toasties - Cheese
Slice a rectangular (horizontal) strip (about one/quarter of the main) off the top of the cheese. Cut a square off the end of this strip. Cut the square in half to get two triangles. Cut the strip to create these other triangles.

Then cut a recangular (vertical) strip  off the right of the rest of the cheese.  Cut the same triangles.

You’ll have a square left of cheese which you can then cut in half (and, incidentally, the two biggest triangles).

When you’re done, you’ll have all these triangles.


06 Toasties - Cheese Cut
Stack the triangles like this, using the biggest as the base, and working your way up to the smallest. 07 Toasties - Cheese Stacked
Lay the bread down in the sandwich maker. 08 Toasties - Bottom Bread Laid Out
Lay one quarter of the ham in each half of the bread like this. 09 Toasties - Bottom Ham Laid Out
Add the cheese. 10 Toasties - Cheese Laid Out
Add the other quarters of ham on top of the cheese. 11 Toasties - Top Ham Laid Out
Add the bread. (Note how neat all the edges line up.)

As you would’ve no doubt already guessed, cutting everything this way means that the foodstuffs don’t lay across the seams of the sandwich maker. When you close the sandwich maker, it seals bread on bread and creates pockets where the food’s contained (in particular, the melted cheese).

12 Toasties - Top Bread Laid Out
And here they are nice and neat.

No spillage.

13 Toasties - Cooked Toasty
Now ready to eat. 14 Toasties - Sliced Toasties

Neat and perfect.



  • Bessie

    One might think that my son and I wrote this 🙂
    Particularly the step where the bread pieces match.
    When my son was younger, and still today at times, he would stare in distress at the sandwich presented to him by by husband and then over to me as if to say WTF — Ridges not matching and corners not even matching up — And corner of one square NOT even resting on top of another corner. After 25 years… I still can’t get him to match the bread slices. Mental block I guess.

    High five to OCD Toasties.

    PS… I am enjoying my Sunday read… The Other Me.

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