• A Look Back

    A Look Back: Sea of Love

    In lockdown, I’ve dedicated myself to rewatching movies I haven’t seen for decades, as well as some classics I’ve just never seen. Falling into the former category is Sea of Love (1989), starring Al Pacino as Detective Frank Keller, John Goodman as Detective Sherman, and Ellen Barkin as femme fatale…

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  • Entertainment Rants

    My 10 Best Movies from 2019

    I love stories. It doesn’t matter what form they come in: novels, movies, television, autobiographies, or whatever. And I always love when I know – and usually I will know pretty quickly – that I’ve connected to a story. Then it’s just a case of sitting back and enjoying the…

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  • Little Diva Rising

    The S Blog: Stuart, Steve, and Seth

    Slow-to-almost-no progress this week, as our director of photographer, Stuart Jaymes, has developed pneumonia. We did film one brief scene for a montage, as that had required us (well, Maria) to notify and arrange permission for us to film a Taekwondo class. But for that scene, our sound guy, Bil…

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