• One Terrific Lie


    Who likes preamble? Well, very little of it today, other than to say that my WIP is nearing completion. However, it’s a mess – definitely the messiest thing I’ve written. It’s going to need revision, patching, and rewriting. Also, I’m writing a whole new opening, although that won’t happen until I finish the existing draft and go over it several times – I need to know what I’m dealing with, and I need to know it well. With that preamble out of the way, here is the rest of that deleted scene from Just Another Week in Suburbia …   Chapter 53 (continued from last week) ○ The immediate aftermath…

  • One Terrific Lie


    One thing I realised when I rewrote the conclusion of Just Another Week in Suburbia is that the original conversation between Casper and Jane was too scattered. Part of that was intended to follow Casper’s fragmented thinking. And part of it was just me trying to cram everything in and letting stream of consciousness dictate the order (or the disorder, if you like). The conversation (published in the book) works much better. There’s an evolution to it. It starts with a sense of hopelessness, explores all the dark nooks, and then retreats just enough towards the light to offer hope – or at least the glimmer of it. Interestingly, people…

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