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    JJ’s Wonky World Builds: Number 1

    So JJ Abrams has headed over to Warner Bros. to reboot the DC universe with Justice League Dark. The DC universe is a mess. I blame Zack Snyder who fundamentally didn’t understand the characters, and in trying to update them for a contemporary retelling disfigured them hideously – especially Superman, who became this gloomy, insecure, brooding twat. But now that JJ’s Justice League treatment has been leaked, we can marvel in his ingenuity – and it’s up to typical JJ standards. Clark’s intellect is recognized in primary school as being near genius. He’s sent to the famed Metropolis School for Excellence to pursue a scholarship for one year. And of…

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    My Top 10 Meh Movies from 2019

    What makes a meh movie? Well, for one, there has to be some expectation behind it. Nobody cares if some low-budget indie turns out to be middling fair, but a big-budgeted movie with a top cast, known director, and studio backing? Or a movie with lots of anticipation behind it? It has to be a movie you walk away from that didn’t entertain you but didn’t offend you, a movie – in all likelihood – that you’ll struggle to recollect in a couple of days. It won’t leave you with an urge to re-watch, or to rant at people about how bad it is, but neither will you talk positively…

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