• One Terrific Lie


    Last week, four writer-friends (Ryan O’Neill, Kim Lock, Laurie Steed, and A.S. Patric) talked about insecurities in writing. Given the Twitter response and the retweeting that followed, their answers resonated with many other writers out there. A big thank you again to my four friends for sharing. Now it’s my turn. These are my insecurities when it comes to writing:   That the writing is no good. I can revise exhaustively, and still not be assured, because here’s another truth: You know what you know.   When I was younger, stupider, and naïve(r), I had an unfailing confidence in my writing. But as I grew older and more experienced, I…

  • One Terrific Lie


    This week, I’m beginning with the lie ~ Last Week’s Lie: I wrote, I like the way TFSoLY is going. That’s untrue. But it’s not because of the way the story is developing, or how I feel about it, and it’s not specific to TFSoLY, but just a general malaise about all my writing in recent years. TFSoLY is going well (as in I’m cruising along), but I don’t know how much faith I have in my writing as a whole, which creates this weird juxtaposition and gnawing self-doubt. I believe a number of writers are insecure about their writing. And it’s something that’s worthwhile exploring. But before I go…

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