• The Story Behind the Book

    The Other Side of Paradise

    Earlier in the year, I unwittingly became involved in a short film project. The project was intended as an action showreel for my friend Tony Nicholas, an actor and fight choreographer. He showed me initial footage, which was great. But, searching for a story (as I always do), I started asking a lot of why questions. If you were being shot at, why did you tend to your friend instead of shoot back? Why does the bad guy shoot you, then decide to fight you? If he wanted to fight you hand-to-hand, why didn’t he just call you out immediately? Etc. To be fair, at this stage there was no…

  • Little Diva Rising

    Heavy Days

    It’s interesting as somebody with limited experience in filmmaking to watch experienced people do their stuff. Our director of photography, Stuart, immediately looks at a location for its potential to be visually interesting. That doesn’t mean it needs to be some breathtaking vista, contain beautiful décor, or to be aesthetically mesmerizing, but just that it’s not going to be bland and unappealing and have the audience’s eyes slide right off it. Our sound guy, Bil Chute, does the same with sound. An American ex-pat, Bil would seem so unobtrusive, but has a dry sense of humour and a hearty laugh. He organises the boom mics so that we can hear…

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