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    Fantasy – namely The Lord of the Rings – inspired my love of storytelling. I read LotR over one Christmas break, way back in about 1982. Then I devoured other fantasy novels. Swords, magic, heroic quests – everything that would appeal to an imaginative kid. In 1985, I wrote my first book – part one of an intended five-book fantasy epic – when I was 15, hand-writing it in two A5 exercise books over the space of eighteen months. I gave no thought to planning it. I just wrote, my mythology changing as I went. Often, I would sit up late at night (and sometimes through until morning) working on…

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    The Launch Book

    Title: The Launch Book (The Easy Publishing Series) Author: Les Zigomanis Publication Date: 22 April 2015 Format: Paperback (181x111mm, 70 pages) ISBN: 978-0-9925226-0-5 Category: Nonfiction You’ve written and published a book, and you have the first hot copy in your hands. What’s next? Writing and publishing a book is an incredible achievement, and it shouldn’t go unheralded. What a book really needs when it comes into the world is a launch to celebrate its arrival. But what does a launch entail? The Launch Book is a simple guide that will talk you through the requirements of organising a launch and ensure that all your hard work is duly celebrated.