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    The Land of Dumb

    Welcome to the Land of Dumb. In The Land of Dumb, movies and television series fool people into thinking that they’re not in the Land of Dumb, but somewhere else entirely – somewhere compelling and exciting and adventurous. No matter how much you point out to these people that they’re actually in the Land of Dumb, no matter how many ways you explain how they got there, they’ll deny it, because nobody wants to admit they’re holidaying in the Land of Dumb. Nobody wants to admit they were fooled into enjoying the Land of Dumb. To make sure you don’t get duped into visiting and enjoying movies and/or television that…

  • Life of the Mind

    The Premise of It All

    Before I can invest in any story, I need to buy into the premise. If I can’t buy into the premise, I’ll struggle to believe the story that unfolds. My brain will be on alert for realism, credibility and probability issues. I don’t want it to be. That’s just the way my brain works. You know? It thinks. Now this doesn’t mean the only stories I like are ones grounded in contemporary society or and/or issues. I love anything that tells a good story, no matter how fantastical. Just sell the premise to me and I’m in. An eccentric inventor builds a time machine into a DeLorean? No problem! Immortals…

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