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    A Pop Culture Rant

    As if it isn’t obvious, I’m a pop culture nerd. Or was. I think I’m just about done. I don’t have a lot of confidence in today’s industry to make good adaptations of those characters I love. In fact, most of the time I feel insulted. What’s happened? Why has it changed so drastically? Why are these blockbusters so often style without substance? It wasn’t always this way. Superman’s a good example. The original two Richard Donner movies – Superman (1978) and Superman II (2006: this is the year the official Richard Donner version was released) –  are classics. Donner knew Superman. He loved Superman. He created a vision of…

  • Inside Entertainment,  Media Rants

    Relating to Characters: Part II

    Last week, I looked at the first six of twelve characters that I felt I could relate to. I should clarify that the twelve characters aren’t the only characters I feel I can relate to But for the purposes of these blogs, I’ve tried to make my selections eclectic, and also focused on more extraordinary stories to illustrate that you can create relatability anywhere and with anybody if you put enough thought into how that character is portrayed, the journey they’re going to take, and how they’re going to deal with the obstacles they face. So, continuing on from last week …   Buffy Summers – Buffy: The Vampire Slayer…

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