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    TrailerWatch: Star Trek Discovery ~ Season 4

    Just when you thought it was safe to venture back into the galaxy … Star Trek: Discovery dropped their season 4 trailer. It features an anomaly threatening the universe! What? you might ask yourself. That’s novel! Because that’s all that happens in these stories: there are constant cataclysmic threats. We never know why. There’s no causal pathway for how these things occur. They just are, and the characters must address the situation, or face obliteration. But what piqued my interest in the Discovery trailer is one of the visuals. What’re we seeing here? Discovery has always been visually gorgeous. Every episode is a movie aesthetically. Even this trailer will wow…

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    TrailerWatch: Picard ~ Season 2 Trailer

    The trailer for Picard season two dropped last week. Sigh. It features the typical Alex Kurtzman narrative device: mess up what we know on the grandest scale possible because of [REASONS], and deal with the repercussions. Here’s an overview of Kurtzman’s destructive tango through the Star Trek franchise …   Star Trek (2009) The Romulan sun spontaneously blows up. Because suns do that, you know? They don’t take millions of years to go. It happens instantaneously. A Romulan ship goes back in time and messes up the timeline. Rather than try save Romulus or convince anybody that the Romulans will need help in about 25 – 30 years, the crew…

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