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    Way to Insult Your Fanbase, Discovery

    It’s little secret I’m not a fan of the new Star Trek movies, or their new series, Discovery (2017 – ) , and Picard (2019 – ).  They’re dumb bland action that mimic the Star Wars aesthetic while abandoning everything that’s made the genuine Star Trek franchise majestic. Majestic? you might think dubiously. Yes. Because think about it: how many science fiction series and/or movies offer a positive interpretation of the future? The Terminator features machines becoming sentient and trying to wipe out human life. Alien boasts a cold, corporate future, and then a bunch of xenomorphs that wipe out humans for fun. The Matrix tells us the Earth was eviscerated…

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    Space Force

    This is going to be a review in two halves. Originally, I was going to watch only a handful of episodes of Space Force to be fair in providing a review. But then it became one of those shows where I was hooked to see what storytelling atrocity it would commit next. I hadn’t seen anything so bad on television since Star Trek: Picard (and Star Trek: Discovery before it). I couldn’t look away … Guess what, though? Halfway through its first season, the show ate itself, and reincarnated as something better. (I only wish Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Discovery could do the same.)   The Pilot Steve Carell…

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